What To Expect From Ultrasound & Radio Frequency Treatment

We want people to know exactly what to expect from an Ultrasound and Radio Frequency (RF) session.  Let us be clear – this is not a miracle device that will strip away huge layers of built up fat in a single session.  Ultrasound and RF is not for obese or seriously overweight people; and it is not practical or economical to use it as such.

In our experience with Ultrasound and RF, we have found that we can safely remove enough fat from a concentrated area that it can easily be marked by using a tape measure.  Such as if a male for example, who is carrying some excess weight around his abdomen, is having a treatment done, he can expect a measurable result – usually after the first treatment.  We liken the type of result to a slightly overweight person who would commit to one week of good diet and exercise.  Now, one week of good diet and exercise would deliver a measurable reduction that is not necessarily noticeable.  Please don’t expect that after one session, like just one week of good diet and exercise, your friends will observe that you are slimmer.

That said, with six continual weeks of diet and exercise it very well may be noticeable, or the weight loss could be even quite obvious.  Such as with Ultrasound and RF, one session a week on the same area for six consecutive weeks, we believe you will notice a similar result.

So, it is up to you . . . what would you rather do?  Would you rather have a one-hour treatment while you lay out and relax, or would you rather make sure you have a good diet and exercise regularly?  The answer is both!  Although we believe Ultrasound and RF is a more permanent form of weight loss (because we destroy the cells in which the fat reside), we still encourage our clients to eat healthily and exercise regularly.

The procedures will work without diet or exercise, but you can greatly “enhance your results” by improving your diet and exercising.  Also, water is extremely important to aid the body in elimination.  Those clients who have had the best results follow these recommendations.  Those who have had poorer results have usually done nothing to help the process – either they did not drink enough water, they did not exercise at all, or they had very poor eating habits.

We have found that Ultrasound and Radio Frequency is ideal for the age-old problem of ‘spot reduction’.  It has always been said that if you want to reduce fat from a single spot, or two spots from your body such as your thighs, then you have to lose weight all over your body.  This has been true …  but now we believe we can successfully reduce fat from those stubborn parts of your body we all seem to have.


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